North-east India is one of the biologically richest areas in the entire planet. The great altitude and climatic variation has resulted in a bio-diversity that very few places in the world can rival. From steaming tropical rainforests of the Patkai foothills to alpine meadows at  the snowline and from temperate forests to the vast wetlands and riverine savannah grasslands of Kaziranga and Dibru-Saikhowa , North East India has it all.  No wonder then that this unique mix of habitats has resulted in a staggering diversity of bird species along with other fauna. If you are a birder then you have over 1000+ bird species to try and spot. Of these more than 300 are long-distance winter migrants for whom the north-east is the seasonal home. Also the mighty Brahmaputra river along with some of its tributaries is an important fly way for birds who prefer to winter in faraway destinations. All in all the N.E. promises you a memorable holiday vacation. If you are interested in other wildlife then the N.E. has enough mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects to keep your eyes peeled.

       Expedition North East India promises you a hassle free tour and will see to it that your expedition is as comfortable as it can get.  So pack your bags and come explore the wilds of the North-east with us.