Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary situated at 50 km from Guwahati the gateway of North East India. One of the main hide salient features of world wild importance highest density of One Horned Rhinoceros. This little garden is the home of more than 90 rhino in an area of 38.81 sq. km.

Altitude: 60 m above msl

Rainfall: 2,000 to 2,900 mm

Temperature: 6˚ to 37˚C

Vegetation: Tropical Moist Deciduos, Tropical Grassland, Fresh Water Swamp.

Best time to visit: October to March


Key species:

Mammal: Rhinoceros, Wild Buffalo, Leopard, Leopard Cat, Fishing cat, Jungle cat, Large & Small Indian Civet, Chinese Pangolin, Rock Pythons and some endanger species of turtle.

Birds: Park is equally paradise for avian fauna. Myriads of aquatic as well as woodland birds flock here and over 215 species have been observed so far, out of which 46 are resident birds, 20 are biome restricted and 14 are threatened species. In winter more than 20,000 birds migrates in every year. Among them Woolly Necked Stork, Black Necked Stork, Ferruginous Pochard, Bear's Pochard, Baikal Teal are worth mentioning.