Deeparbeel Bird Sanctuary the only Ramsar area in North East Indian Region. Deepar Beel is one of the largest of many such wetland in the region which extent up to 40 sq km during monsoon. During maximum flooding, the depth is about 4 meter and during dry season it is about one meter. Natural wet land situated in greater Guwahati city, gateway of North East India with immense ecological importance. The hills of Rani and Garbhanga Reserve Forest lays on the south of the Sanctuary that is contiguous with the protected Area.


Area: 4.10 sq. km.

Altitude:  53 msl

Temperature: 6˚C to 38˚C

Rainfall: 2000 mm average

Vegetation:  Freshwater Swamp and Lake


Key species: The Important Bird Area provides space to both resident and migratory birds, well known for congregation of water-fowl during winter. So far around 150 bird species have been recorded in the wetland, out of that Greater Adjutant Stork, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Spot-Billed Pelican, Bear's Pochard, Pallas's Fishing Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Darter, Black-Necked Stork, Ferruginous Pochard, Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle, White Rumped Vulture, Long-Billed Vulture etc.  


Besides birds this area is an important and integral part of Elephant habitat. As this wetland is contiguous with Rani and Garbhanga forest.