Assam: The climate of Assam is tropical monsoon with the mean annual rainfall varying from 1,500mm to 4,000mm. The mean annual temperature range between 5 to 32 degree celsius. 

Arunachal Pradesh: The climate of the Arunachal Pradesh is varied depending upon exposure and elevation. Mainly tropical monsoon type with a hot wet summer and cool dry winter. The temperature generally ranges from 0 degree celsius in winter(Minimum) to degree celsius in summer(maximum). The annual rainfall of the state varies from less than 1500 mm to more than 4000 mm.

 Meghalaya: The elevation ranges from 100m to 1961 the highest peak is the Laitkor peak (1961m). The western part of the state is warmer where temperature ranges between 12 to 33 degree celsius. The central plain relatively cooler where minimum temperature goes down to 2 degree celsius and the maximum temperature is around 24 degree celsius. The average rainfall in the state varies from 4,000mm to 11,430mm.